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Tank Services


Grade E Air
$5 flat fee per tank.

$12 flat fee per tank. Certification must be verified 40% max Oxygen Content Tank and valve must be O2 Clean

$0.50 per ft
Certification must be verified Tanks and Valve must be O2 Clean


Every 5 years
$55 per tank

Aluminum Tanks
Pre 1990 manufactured tanks will not be accepted for fills or service of any kind



Visual Inspection

Annual Requirement
$25 per tank

In case of failure your tank will not be passed and the serial number will be documented in our system. The $25 fee must still be paid as the work still has to go into the tank.


Tumbles / Valves

Clean out Tumbles
Using ceramic / steel tumble media, then cleaning out with a Blue Gold Solution - $35 per tank

Valve rebuilds will be $25 per valve. This does not include any parts requiring replacement.

*Aluminum Tanks Manufactured Prior to 1990 Will Not be Filled or Serviced in any way. We reserve the right to refuse service.