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Headquartered in North Carolina with partnered shops in north, central and southern Florida, Air Hogs SCUBA strives to help all of our clients meet their goals. Our team members specialize in all facets of diving, from Discover SCUBA pool sessions to Cave Rebreather training. No matter who you are, where you come from, or what your goals are, we will not only support you, but we’ll also help connect you to any group or individual that might provide assistance as time goes on. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every case and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

Air Hogs SCUBA has assembled a team of Professionals which has proven itself to be an effective unit for any type of diving you may want to experience. 

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21 Anna Drive, Suite 101
Clayton, NC 27520

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Areas of Expertise

Dive Equipment Sales

Priding ourselves on honesty, AHS will guide you through the equipment that you might have questions about. While we admit that we do not know everything, we believe that needlessly spending money is a bad way of encouragement. Great gear at great prices is what we have built our name on.

Tank Testing

Is your tank in need of a Hydro test or visual inspection? AHS is a one stop shop for any of your needs. Tank tumbles and valve rebuilds are all performed in house. We can even get you certified in inspecting your own tanks. 

Regulator Service and Repair

We are not embarrassed to say that AHS has some of the best service techs in the business. What makes us stand out from the rest? Aside from our standardized pricing, we ensure that every regulator is as O2 clean as possible when it leaves the shop at no additional charge. We can handle almost any brand.

SCUBA Training

Dive training should be a very personal experience. Your are essentially giving yourself a super power by venturing under water and being able to breathe. There is almost no level of training, or any course that we cannot take you through. 

Consults and Investigation

AHS is one of the largest Public Safety training facilities in the world.  When something happens, we are the Professionals to aid in determining what led to it happening. AHS will also guide your dive team through any purchasing decision to ensure you are getting the most for your money. 

Personalized Service

AHS never wants to be known as the "Wal Mart of diving". There is no way around each individual having specific needs and goals. We are here to offer our advice and make sure you have the best chance to reach your goals. 


I am so glad that I walked in here and talked to you guys before I went to that other place.
— Amanda McCaffrey


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