standard pricing

  • $30 per stage in Labor
  • Add price of Service Kit
  • $190 Flat Fee for Guardian Full Face Mask
  • $290 Flat Fee for AGA Full Face Mask
  • $215 Flat Fee for Guardian Stealth Full Face Mask                            


what is a stage

Take a standard regulator set. This would be broken down as follows:

  • Primary Second Stage - $30 labor Plus Parts
  • Safe Second / Octo - $30 Labor Plus Parts
  • First Stage - $30 Labor Plus Parts
  • Hoses - $0 Cleaned and orings replaced
  • SPG - $0 HP Spool orings replaced


We recommend that you change your computer battery yourself. Go to Batteries Plus, swap out your battery. It is pretty easy. This is especially true at the present moment as most modern computers have user replaceable batteries to begin with. However, we will charge you $20 plus the cost of the battery.

To really nail this home, this is the cost - $20 in labor to unscrew a back panel and then replace the battery which costs up to $15 or $20 alone. This makes this process cost you upwards or $40.

There is no waiving this fee and this cost will apply to each and every person that wants this service. This includes our close friends and staff.