At Air Hogs, some of the best service in the industry is provided. While we do not claim to be ""the best in the world"" at servicing each and every item on the market today; the service that we do provide is always the best it can be. If we are not factory trained on the gear personally, we do not hesitate to send your gear to some of our dearest friends who are. 


  • $30 per stage, Plus parts

  • Suggest giving us 2 to 3 weeks for "normal" turn around time. This will vary throughout the busy season. 

  • OTS Guardian FFM, $185 Parts included 

  • OTS AGA, $275 Parts included (Communication System Repairs NOT Included)

  • Computer Battery Change - $10 plus battery

Tank Services

  • $25 Annual Visual Inspection

  • $55 Hydro

  • $40 Tumble

  • $60 Pro Valve Replacement


  • Call for a quote on any rebreather service / repair

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Diver Services

Annual Service and Repair

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Regulators / BC Repair and Service

We are fully equipped to handle almost any type of repair you may need. All regulators are torn down and cleaned piece by piece. If there is something that we do not feel 100% comfortable doing in house, we have connections throughout the industry that can accomplish anything you may ever need. The goal of Air Hogs SCUBA is to put you in the best position to complete your diving.

Gas Fills

There is really no reason to wait a week or longer to get a fill. If you need air, Nitrox or up to 100% O2 fills; Air Hogs SCUBA is the place for you. We bank 32% and can normally complete your fill while you wait. Some folks find it easier to stop by on their way to the coast and pick their bottles up. In turn, they will drop them off again on their way back home. Either way is just fine with us. All we need to know is what you want. 

  • Air Fill - $5 per bottle

  • 32% Nitrox - $10 per bottle

  • Custom Nitrox Blend (up to 40%) - $12 per bottle

  • O2 Fill - $0.50 per ft​

Gear Rental

When it comes to rental gear, we have you covered with a wide selection of sizes. All rentals are on a first come, first serve basis. Feel free to give us a call and reserve your gear in advance. Here are the prices:

  • BCD - $10 ($5 Each Additional Day)

  • Reg Set with computer - $20 ($10 Each Additional Day) 

  • Wetsuit - $10 ($5 Each Additional Day)

  • Tanks - $10 ($5 Each Additional Day)

  • Nitrox Tank - $20 ($5 Each Additional Day)