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Our Mission is Simple

​We are not the type to swap war stories with each and every person who walk through the door. However, we are just not the average Dive Shop that has individuals with zero life experience working here. With every face you see at the shop, there is a long history of dedication, pride, and an attitude of hating failure. Disabled Veterans roam the halls of Air Hogs SCUBA each and every day. If interested, we will be happy to tell you all about our travels and injuries. After all, Chicks dig scars right?

Veteran Owned and Operated

The "go-to" shop for customer service, equipment repair, and SCUBA instruction. When Air Hogs SCUBA opened in 2011, there were a few goals in mind. The most important was to create a Dive Shop that would treat customers the way they should be treated. Learning to SCUBA Dive should be an educational and fun experience. A customer should never simply become a number in a class, just waiting their turn to perform a skill. Working around the busy schedules of individuals has let Air Hogs SCUBA stand apart from any other Dive Shop in the area. Keeping our classes intentionally small gives the student the greatest educational benefit while eliminating the "next-in-line" mentality. Come and see for yourself.

SCUBA Instruction at Air Hogs SCUBA

When it comes to the equipment we sell, there is nothing in the store that we would not personally dive. With some of the best brands in the business today, we can support your diving no matter what level you are at.


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Vocational Rehabilitation Facility
Change your life today!

​There is no greater honor in life than to help someone in need. With more and more Disabled Veterans, Air Hogs SCUBA wanted to find a way to provide a new way of life to those who gave up a part of themselves to help this nation. If you are interested in joining the Air Hogs SCUBA Voc Rehab Diving Program, please do not hesitate to set up a meeting with us. The process is rewarding and we promise that you will learn more about SCUBA Diving and the Industry itself than you ever thought possible.